Child Custody

Protect the Relationship with Your Child and Stand Up for His or Her Best Interests

Give Your Child the Stability That He or She Needs

Times of uncertainty can be extremely confusing and upsetting for children. Whether you are a married couple who is going through divorce or an unmarried couple is trying to come to legal decisions regarding the custody and support of your child, it is vital that you keep the best interest of your child in mind.

Trust us to help develop a balanced and mutually beneficial plan of parenting that ensures the child maintains a meaningful relationship with both parents while also having a stable home and the things he or she needs on a daily basis.

This plan includes determining custody, financial support and schedules of visitation that are likely to find favor with the court and help bring closure to the situation as quickly as possible.
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Let us Help You With the Legal Procedures in Removal of Your Child From the State of Nebraska

If a parent wants to move with his/her children from the State of Nebraska to another state or jurisdiction, he/she must first obtain an order from the court allowing such a move. The order allows the parent to legally move with his/her children to another state or jurisdiction.

The court in Nebraska will use a two-pronged test in determining the outcome in removal cases:
  • Does a legitimate reason for the removal exist?
  • Is the removal in the best interests of the minor children?
The parent requesting removal has the burden of satisfying the two-pronged test

Child Support

When it comes to paying child support or receiving child support, it is our job to make sure the support order is based on accurate and verified information. In Nebraska, the court will issue a child support order based on the incomes of both parties. The Nebraska Child Support Guidelines take into account each parent's income, the amount of the time the children spend with each parent, contributions to retirement and the cost of health insurance.

Stephen D. Stroh represents individuals during child support proceedings, making sure that the parties' incomes are accurate for child support purposes. We will take into account the average income of each party, look at any commissions, regular overtime and bonuses, as well as monthly health insurance premiums for the children.

Custody & Visitation Rights (Parenting Time)

Child custody and visitation (parenting time) may be two very important issues you address in a divorce or modification case. If you are requesting sole custody, joint custody or visitation rights, we will provide zealous representation and protect your rights as a parent.

Custody (Sole, Joint and Legal)
Physical custody is the amount of time a child physically spends with each parent. Sole physical custody is an arrangement where the child lives with one parent to the other parent has a set visitation schedule. Joint physical custody is an arrangement where the child spends close to equal time with both parents.

Legal custody is the right as a parent to be involved in major decisions concerning your child. Major decisions encompass education related matters, medical treatment and religion of the children and the right to communicate with doctors and teachers.
Your child is your top priority - stand up for his or her interests and make sure that he or she has everything they need, including you.
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